Jacob Scheffen


Jacob Scheffen, RM* is a lawyer and partner of the law firm and primarily advises on matters of national and European procurement law, private and public construction law, architectural and engineering law, anti-corruption and compliance issues as well as in the field of fleet management. He has spent the last decade advising public clients on the realisation of complex procurement measures. His expertise, most recently acquired as managing partner of VERISMO LEGAL Rechtsanwälte for seven years, is especially sought-after by medium-sized companies.

As one of the managing directors of the CLP Akademie, he speaks nationwide both in-house for the CLP Akademie and also for various municipal higher education institutes. With his Certification Course for Procurement Managers, he has provided the nationwide first grounding for comprehensive training in procurement law, which currently is unique so far. He also publishes regularly on topics related to procurement law. Additionally, he works as an adviser for the implementation of compliance management systems.

**Risk Management Officer in accordance with the requirements set out in ONR 49003

Short biography

Universities of Berlin and Potsdam

Memberships: Deutsches Vergaberechtsnetzwerk (DNVW) (German Procurement Network)

Allianz für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft Norddeutschland e.V. (ASW und VSWN)
Forum Vergabe e.V.

Deutscher Presseverband der Pressejournalisten (DVPJ) (German Association of Press Journalists)

Areas of activity

Procurement law

Private construction law

Architectural and engineering law

Insurance law

IT law

Guard and security law

Fleet management