Company and investment acquisitions

We provide advice in all phases of a company acquisition. Our lawyers were involved in the following transactions:

  • Advising a founding shareholder in seed financing for start-up company in the field of software applications (< EUR1m)
  • Advising the buyer on the acquisition of a financial services provider in the healthcare sector (< EUR6m)
  • Advice to all sellers on the sale of a smart meting company to a Finnish listed company (< EUR13m) Advising the target company on the sale of a company in the field of telecommunications security to a Canadian listed company (> EUR100m)
  • Advising the buyer on the potential acquisition of a private bank (< EUR12m)
  • Advising the CEO on a management buy-out in facility management (
  • Advising buyer on acquisition of  innovative manufacturing companies (<20m)

Our lawyers for this expertise

Dr. Rainer Gith

Dr. Rainer Gith